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Reid Evans Menzer

November 17, 1991 – January 22, 2006

Our Boy Eternal


Reid Evans Menzer died on January 22, 2006, when he was struck by a car while riding his homemade street luge. At age 14, Reid had a wisdom and generosity of spirit that touched many people. His death is mourned by family and friends in York, Pennsylvania and throughout the country.

Reid knew that happiness in life comes from exploring what you genuinely love – something he did with exuberance. He had many passions in his short life including photography, movie-making, science, kayaking, kneeboarding, his snakes and turtles, baseball, and music.

He also loved to skateboard from a very young age. He built his first “skatepark” with friends in his garage and alley out of used plywood and old highway signs at age 10. He practiced his ollies and kickflips throughout his neighborhood, and learned to grind on a homemade rail. Later he turned his basement into a more elaborate park with a quarterpipe.

He built his own longboards and the street luge he was riding when he was killed. All his life, Reid told family and friends that he wished there was a skatepark in York. Inspired by his untimely death, leaders of the York community have organized to design and build a park in his memory.

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